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Pakistan is in South Asia. Pakistan has
nice beaches in the south, a beautiful
middle and.......very attractive areas of
the north, always attract the tourists from
all over the world, and if you further go to
the north of Pakistan, you will see the beautiful cold mountain regions, covered with snow, and.........there is K 2........., the
second highest mountain peak of the world, most difficult one to climb.

Well, we have some websites for tourism in Pakistan but in this website, you will come to know something about Paki singers, TV and film stars and also about the models of Pakistan. This website is simple & easy to access as compare to so many other websites about show-business of Pakistan. Show-business world of Pakistan is called LOLLYWOOD.

Pictures of some of the Lollywood's stars and models of Pakistan
Vaneeza Ahmed , Ali Haider (Singer), Hadiqa Kiani ( Pop Singer) , Mahnoor Baloch , Naubahar Ali , Nazia Hasan (Singer) , Meera & Others


Just two bunches of pictures in this page but there are so many pictures in different photo pages given on the top left-hand side of this screen. The pictures are of Pakistani singers, TV and film stars and also of the models of Pakistan, including some cricketers of Pakistan. As Pakistani cricketers do modeling, so they are also models. If a picture doesn't come out for a long time, click on 'Refresh' button of your browser.

There are hundreds of stars and thousands of other models , showbiz actors , actresses and artists , related to the film industry and music of Pakistan, and it was not easy to decide which pictures should be included in this site. Well, we need your comments and suggestions, so please email us. Our email address is: muhammadamir2002pk@yahoo.com

We could not include the pictures of so many deserved stars of Pakistan because of the shortage of time, but from time to time we will continue to add new photos.

We have put some links of cool sites in the "Favorite Links Page". You should atleast visit a site of Pakistan Tourism which gives a very good overview of tourism in Pakistan. The site is:



According to the language of the people
of this region, the term "Pak" has a very
special meaning. It means something
very fair or something free from any
evil. The literal meaning of Pakistan
and the literal meaning of Pakis is
"FAIR PEOPLE". In the same way,
Paki means "FAIR PERSON".


The host of our this site doesn't support the remote linkings of images. So, you can't give the links of the addresses of the pictures of this website to other sites directly. If you do so, the pictures will be deleted automatically withen a day. To put the pictures from our this site to other sites, you need to save the pictures in a floopy or hard drive of a computer and then upload those pictures from that computer.

Photos of some of the stars and models of Pakistan
Singer Junaid Jamshad ( A Big Name in Pakistani Pop Music ), Nadia Khan, Amna Huq, Zara Sheikh ( Film Star of Pakistan ), Amina Shafqat, Resham ( Pakistani Film star ), Mishi Khan , Adnan Siddiqui , Marina Khan , Zohaib Hasan (Singer) and Maumar Rana ( Pakistani Filmstar )