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This is Second Photo Page where there are fourteen pictures of the celebrities of Pakistan.
If a picture doesn't come out for long, click on refresh button of your browser. After trying twise or thrise , you would surely be able to look at all the fourteen photos in this page. Other photo pages are given on the left-hand side of this screen.

Pic 1 - Saira Khan - A Famous Pakistani Filmstar & A Popular Actress of Pakistani TV Dramas

Pic 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Famous TV ( Dramas ) Actress & Star Model of Pakistan - Vaneeza Ahmed . Vaneeza Ahmed sometimes called a super model of Pakistan .
<------------- Pic 3
Zoella is one of the best Pakistani Models.
Pic 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Famous TV Actors of Pakistan - Rahat Kazami , Nauman Ejaz , Shakeel ( Shakil ) & Adnan Siddiqui
<----------------------- Pic 5
Filmstar Liala , Samina Peerzada , Model Zeeshan & Others
Pic 6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Top Tv Actress of Pakistan , Shahnaz Sheikh ( Shehnaz Sheikh )& Filmstar Nirma
<--------------------------- Pic 7
Models and Stars of Pakistan
Pic 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Pakistani Models Vina ( Veena ) Malik and Shoaib
<-----------------------Pic 9
Moazzam - A Pakistani Model
Pic 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
A Pakistani Model
<------------------------ Pic 11
Saud - A Famous Filmstar of Pakistan
Pic 12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
A Model of Pakistan
<-------------------------- Pic 13
AWAZ of Pakistani Singer Haroon & Karavan - Two Popular Mucical Bands of Pakistan , Famous For Their Typical Style & Facial Expression.
Pic 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Famous Filmstar of Pakistan - Jea Ali